How to create a free Pinecone account?

Pinecone is arguably one of the best vector databases available on the internet. It allows you to consolidate all your data from files and website links in one place.

The free account offers ample storage for a single chatbot. Our testing with various datasets shows that the storage space offered in the free account is roughly 600mb. This can easily accommodate approximately 20 million vectors, a substantial amount for a single chatbot! Additionally, Cloozo allows you to have separate Pinecone accounts for each chatbot.

The best part? The database is at your disposal and you have full access to it without any security concerns.

Here are the steps to create a free pinecone account:

  1. Register on pinecone with your email or you can do social login.
  2. After registration, your project will start initializing. It can take few minutes.
  3. Once initialized, you will see something like this.
  4. Click ‘Create Index’. Index is like a folder or repository inside which all your data will be stored later on in the form of vectors.
  5. Give the Index a name. It should be in lowercase. For the dimensions, just enter it as 1536. Keep the other default settings as it is and click ‘Create index’.
  6. Now your index is up and running.
  7. Copy below values as shown in the screenshot and store somewhere. These will be needed to create the chatbot.